One Vet One Promise

“We are part of everyday life, make us part of yours®” has been our calling card for many years. It embodies our commitment to the community as waste collectors, our drive to use waste to power your homes with clean and affordable energy, and our dedication to supporting the men and women who lay down their lives for the good of our country. Of course, when a veteran comes home from their tours of duty overseas, the jump back to the calm of civilian life can be both traumatic and difficult. Most veterans push on, find jobs, and slip back into the 9 to 5 of their civilian cycle.

But not all of them are so fortunate.

The willingness to give your life in defense of your country can apply serious strain on the human mind, that when left unguided, can develop into psychological conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), one of the most common post-deployment psychological conditions. For many of these veterans, slipping back into their civilian shoes isn’t an easy task. They often struggle to maintain relationships, understand their personal value to society, or hold a steady job.

At Waste Industries, we have always shown an outstanding level of support for our troops. We have maintained pay for men and women in the Reserves that long exceeds the mandatory cut-off time. We guarantee employment upon return to any active employee who deploys in service of our military. We even extend vacation time while you’re over-seas so that when you come back, you can take some time with your family before coming back to work.

But we want to do more.

That is why Waste Industries is proud to announce our “One Veteran, One Promise” campaign. For every single branch of our company, in every city we operate, in every state across our nation that we have roots, we promise to start helping our veterans by taking their return home one step further:

We promise to hire at least one struggling veteran at every branch, filling one position with one person who hasn’t been able to find work after returning to the country they fought to defend. We want to see the men and women who defended our rights back at work and comfortable in their civilian life. We want to help anyone who came home, but never quite made it all the way there, find their way back to everyday life. So if you know a struggling veteran in need of help, direct him or her to us.

So to every struggling veteran out there, we amend our calling-card and extend our hand: We’re part of everyday life… let us make you part of ours.