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Cardboard Recycling

The Waste Industries cardboard recycling service was created to provide a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to putting cardboard into your standard solid waste container. Almost every business has a substantial amount of cardboard as a byproduct of their operations, and that cardboard takes up a lot of space when thrown into a dumpster.

The cardboard recycling program allows for businesses to have a separate container at reduced cost that is dedicated to cardboard. Coupled with the continued effort to maintain a sustainable community, cardboard recycling has become one of our most popular additions to solid waste collections for businesses across America.

While most cardboard is recyclable, please remember the following:

  • All boxes must be flattened before being recycled. You can leave tape and labels on the box. We will remove them at our facilities.
  • We cannot recycle wet cardboard, so please keep your cardboard dry by immediately placing it in the closed-topped cardboard recycling bins.
  • Any cardboard that has grease contamination cannot be recycled, so avoid putting items like pizza boxes in with your recycled cardboard.

If you have questions regarding specific items that can be collected, submit a service request or contact your local branch. We are happy to help.

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