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Government Facilities

Federal Government Buildings and Facilities

Federal contracts require a specialist who is not only experienced in handling government waste, but one that also recognizes the importance of federal projects and the security levels that are associated with their development.

Waste Industries has always shown a superior level of commitment to our government and the men and women that serve our country in all its forms, from active duty servicemen to congressmen and various political organizations.

This commitment has extended well into our ability to handle federal contract waste removal services. It has always been our goal to provide an unmatched level of service to all industries, and in providing a hassle-free waste and recycling option to members of our government, we are continuing to show our support for the men women that have dedicated their lives to strengthening our country.

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State and Local Buildings and Facilities

Both federal and state buildings have very special requirements when it comes to waste disposal. Each one, requiring highly fluctuation but simultaneously dependent levels of service, should be partnered with a company that understands its every need.

Waste Industries state and local government facility solutions include:

  • Solid Waste
  • Recycling
  • Large Items
  • Extra Pickups

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