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Extra Pickup

Random influxes of extra garbage are inevitable in every home. From hosting the occasional social gathering to partaking in special celebrations, it’s unavoidable that we will end up with more trash on the occasional day throughout the year.

When those days roll around, Waste Industries has you covered. All it takes is one quick call to us and we’ll have you marked down for an extra pickup. Then, when our truck comes through your neighborhood, we’ll grab your extra bags and be on our way, taking the stress of having that extra waste around your home off your shoulders and out of your mind.

Our extra pickups include any form of your standard solid waste that usually passes through your home. So don’t stress when things start piling up. Just call and let us know and we’ll have it all taken care of.

Our extra pickups don’t stop with normal household waste, either. If you’re redecorating or remodeling your home, we have options for White Goods collection or dumpster rental for construction and renovation debris.

Regardless of what your needs, we will provide you with a solution.

Contact us today with any questions concerning extra pickups or one time collections. If you are ready to get started, submit a service request here. We are more than happy to help.

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