ECO Kids

Eco Kids is a free-to-use platform created by the Waste Industries team to help educate children of various ages about the importance of proper waste and recycling measures in our communities. The platform features tools such as “Trash Talk,” a collection of digital comic books designed to educate on waste and recycling, the info bin that explains different policies and procedures targeted towards a youthful demographic, and the activities section with everything from games to crafts. The entire collection was built around nine characters, including the popular Garbot, Earthbot, and Binbot.

Eco Kids has become increasingly popular as a tool for educators across the United States. It provides multiple links to various other sites along with detailed information regarding proper waste and recycling policies. If you’re a teacher or parent looking for new ways to educate your students or kids on how to stay Green in a modern world of recycling, we invite you to try our Eco Kids micro site.

At Waste Industries, we are the leading provider for safe, clean, and environmentally sound waste collection and removal services, and we invite you to help spread a Greener world to future generations.

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